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Check out our extensive documentation on how to use the Epicuri apps and more...


Our documentation pages can be found in the online manuals here. It is segmented for managers and wait staff to make it (slightly) easier reading!

Direct Line Support

If you have an enquiry where only a human voice will do, the number is: (+44) 0203 291 4021. Or send us a message through the ticketing portal.

Epicuri Portal

For everything from the online getting your reports and business intelligence to building your reports - the Epicuri Portal is your one stop shop for all your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

on the Epicuri POS solution

Can I use Epicuri on any tablet?

Yes: any Android tablet. Epicuri is an Android EPOS solution, which will work on virtually any sized tablet - even a phone! All you need to do is get your credentials from us, download the app and away you go!

What is the Guest App?

This is a powerful, optional feature that will enable your guests to do everything from view your menus to order takeaways, book tables and even do self-service at the table in your restaurant. It's the ultimate diner's app, and it loops directly into Epicuri POS to minimise fuss.

Do you have support manuals for managers and staff?

Yes, they can be found here. Epicuri documentation is comprehensive and is kept up to date with the latest release. With every new update there is something new to learn, so please keep yourself up to date!

My printer isn't working... help!

Don't worry, it's usually one of a few very simple things. Do any of your tablets have the print queue switched on? Is the red light flashing on the printer, indicating it is out of paper or lost connection to the router? See for a fuller explanation!

What do all of the numbers in Cash Up mean?

Cash Ups are detailed aggregations of data for your end of day process, i.e. you X, Y and Z reporting. Check out the manual for managers which has a full explanation of every number and how it is derived. The reporting centre contains even more detailed data

How do I get more data out of Epicuri?

Visit the portal site and look at the reporting centre. You will find some detailed reporting functions there where you can pick your data apart to your heart's content. If you can't find the thing you're looking for, please contact us and we'll try and build something for you.

One of my printers is broken. What can I do?

For order printing you have several options. From the Epicuri Portal you can use the online order schedule as a temporary measure. From the Print Queue on the app you can also redirect all prints to another printer. Let us know if you need a new printer, we can have one shipped out to you ASAP.

My app appears to be slow. What can I do?

There are many reasons why this could happen, from physical tablet issues to internet connectivity problems. It's often hard to pin down where the slow down could be. Take a look at our troubleshooting guide and see if any of those solutions help you.